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Christchurch Harbour

Rivers and Town 

One of the few working Fishing Boats, that were once so plentiful before the decline of fish stocks in the area. The boat looks so weather beaten and bedraggled against its pleasant background.This is one of my favorite Fishing spots,where as a boy I caught 23 fish in less than 2 hours. It is also where I once caught a giant 'Conger Eel', much to my horror and amazement at the time. A friend helped me carry it home


One of the few covered ferry boats that were introduced into the area around 1935 or so I'm informed. A ride on one of these boats between Tuckton Bridge and Mudeford Sandbanks is an absolute must, and don't forget the camera you will need it as words alone cannot describe the beauty that you may see on a clear summers day.


A Cruiser passes the modern day 'Ferry Boat' as it heads out to sea via the 'Mudeford Run' which is in the picture below and gateway to the open sea.

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Mudeford Quay & Harbour Entrance


Kite flying at Mudeford


Above you can see the beautiful Mudeford Sandbanks a favourite for families and for those with Cabin Cruisers and Sail Boats, who moor just off this beach whilst going to the local Beach Cafe below. Where fresh Crab and Lobster dishes are a speciality.
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Horses grazing on Standpit Marshes part of Christchurch Harbour. The Marshes form a natural habitat for Bird Life,etc. Some excellent fishing can be had from the marsh Banks.View across Standpit Marshes shows the white apexes of the Christchurch Marina with historically famous Priory Church in the background.


Christchurch Train Station
The Town Crier


Latin american handicraft
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Christchurch Market


Christchurch Bowling Green


Bowling Green and Priory


Priory Church Tower and rear gardens


Christchurch harbour


Stour River near Iford Bridge


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 Christchurch, Dorset

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