Views from St Catherine's Hill

Christchurch Dorset

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Click here for Aerial Photo and Map of the area below
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View over the Avon Valley of 'Dudmoor Farm'.
Click here to view on BBC 's Web Site
The picture above now forms part of the BBC Digital Picture of Britain Historical Archives


Lovely tree lined walks

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Extensive deforestation has resulted in a vast growth of Heather, which will act like a giant sponge, ready to release up five times its body mass in water


Click here to view on BBC 's Web Site
Click here to view on BBC 's Web Site
The picture above now forms part of the BBC Digital Picture of Britain Historical Archives



Bowed Tree Walk




Lovely view across the Avon Valley

St Catherine's Hill mountain Bikers video


A vast plume of smoke from a forest fire 15th March 2005 as seen from St Catherine's Hill

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View across the Avon Valley whilst most of the UK was gripped in frost February 23rd 2005

Click here to see a Panoramic view from Western Side of

St Catherine's Hill


Unmaintaind bench by Local Council


The flood plain of the Avon Causeway


The area below had been a valuable area for nesting 'Sand Martins' for centuries, until its blatant and careless destruction.

These three photos, clearly prove the devastating effects that deforestation and the removal of plant life that has helped to sustain the stability of St Catherine's Hill, and many others places alike can have.

What happened in Boscastle (with Flash Flooding) may well happen here, if this area is allowed to become nothing more than a ' Heather and Moss Covered Bog'.

Deforestation needs to be stopped. Adder's are now thriving here. See: Adder-bite Max 90 minutes from death.

Adder bite leaves father blinded and close to death,

Anger over devastating tree felling for lizards


Those allegedly responsible for the damage above


Is Wi-Fi frying our brains?

Are excessive radio transmissions killing off trees and are we next?




In the picture above a little dog pauses, as she looks across a rubbish strewn and eroded pathway. The pathways along the Eastern Side of St Catherine's Hill, are very badly eroded and extremely dangerous to walk upon. There appears to be, very little maintenance and practically no consideration as to Public Health and Safety in this area.

Sunset over St Catherine's Hill.

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