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Download AGPCUK publication with full list of details as to why this proposed fencing off and grazing should not go ahead.
Revealed: Plans for 300,000 homes on green field sites.




Unlike other terminals that accept only mobile top-ups or a limited range of utility or other payment schemes, PayPoint serves the customers of many different organisations who make, on average, 8 million visits to its retail agents’ stores every week. Find your paypoint agent here

Possible Huge Boost to all Online Sales plus added security

You can now just print out a Bar-coded order form, give your order to any PayPoint Shop and have no fear of loosing your money as with the current risky online Payment Systems

Read all about it here




UK Population increase fuelled by immigration

Fury as Labour 'smears' David Cameron after he attacks multiculturalism

Do we really want British streets to look like this below?






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Link to original 2009 bill here

Employment Opportunities Bill -Second reading

Friday, 17 June 2011
Commons: Main Chamber

Pay gap returns to Victorian levels
Tory Chris Chope offers cuts in wages

It is fair to say, that Chris Chope MP has done this openly and honestly and was actually on a Radio program this week, in which he discussed how he dealt with getting Bills through Parliament. Note none of the opposition parties have picked up on this Bill nor have the Trade Unions to date.24-May-11 to my knowledge. Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk




Bus services are being slowly crushed by the pensioner burden

This article above in the Guardian is a disgusting attack on every OAP in the UK

Read comment by agpcuk



Ask yourselves why Fluoride really is in your water its only a small number of the population who don't brush their teeth so why medicate all water. Fluoride and Aggression > The Nazi's wanted to use this to make people obey orders as it affects the mind so is this not really the reason? http://tinyurl.com/ysqzab The Use Of Flouridation
For Mass Mind Control >

Ask yourselves why is almost every Soft Drink that says sugar 'FREE' loaded with deadly aspartame sweeter which makes body mimic 'ME'. Which also causes cancer?

Check out the other ingredients in vaccines paying special attention to the right hand columns of animal DNA being injected into babies and children.




Just copy paste any comment below into your e-mail and it should link directly to the relevant media story.

Carl's comments




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Third World UK: Families with no running water: http://twt.mx/RdcK @Streets full of rubbish teaming with Rats: http://twt.mx/RdcL


UK's filthy streets of uncollected rubbish


Did they deliberately allow Garbage to pile up to spread Disease?

Strong evidence mounts to support Swine Flu is Man made






WikiLeaks to Release US at War with UFOs

UK Blocks content on UFO's from agpcuk. See comments missing in both The Telegapth, The Independent, check all links from twitter dated GMT 22 Dec 2010 leading into show missing comment.

Do Governments of all counties know something we don't as to the possible connection between UFO's and these occurrences are we under attack by alien forces yet remained undisclosed due to possible embarrassment by Governments as to their lack of control over said issue?

It's particularly interesting in the possible connection as to UFO's appearing sometimes on mass prior to a catastrophic event such as Earthquakes and Hurricanes as there were alleged sightings and filming of two UFO's over Haiti prior to the devastating Hurricanes that has ripped through the island. Now many in Chilli have reported seeing about sixteen UFO's prior to there recent Earthquake.

Sixteen UFO Cases Reported on Earthquake Night in Chile Was this an attack? Link to story>

Death toll from Chile quake reaches 700 Date 1st March 2010 link to story>

Lake District UK How residents at the centre of the quake woke up and then went back to sleep Date 27 February 2008 Link to story>

UK overdue a massive tremor that could kill scores of people at any moment, warn experts: Date published 17th September 2010 Link to story:

Quake shakes Lakes: Tremor measuring 3.7 rattles B&Bs in national park Date: 28th April 2009 Link to story >

Quake 'caused earth to wobble on axis' Date 21 December 2005 link to story>

Earth's surface 'lurches 11ft to the right' as New Zealand earthquake rips new fault line Date 6th September 2010 Link to story >

Major Media disclosure on the existence of UFO’s:

When does coincidence cease to be just coincidence?

Perhaps the answer or at least a clue is here>:

Direct link to Major Media disclosure on existence of UFO's:

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk


The costs of fuel is now making the business sectors of the UK less able to power their own factories or heat business premises on a profitable basis. At this rate many businesses may have to seriously consider shutting down many of their operations during 'Extreme Cold Weather' until the British Government enforces a cap on the Utility Companies hugely excessive profits.

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk


















Do Lib Dems intend betraying 'OAP's' over Bus Passes?

Proof Lib Dems

Did 'NOT' want you to read this information as it was kept out of thier web site. See Screen Shot below

Ruth Wilkinson and David Rundle Lib Dem website would not allow this constructive comment as to reasons why 'FREE Bus Passes' should be up-kept.



Web Pro News
Web Shop now available from PayPoint



Is this Proof Enough Big Brother is Hacking Social Netwoks to erase comments? Download file here

Even in the Independent it was flagged and deleted when posted via the DISQUS System

Only those posts that were not posted via the DISQUS System remained

‘UK’s Big Brother’ now has an even ‘Bigger Brother’ watching him

Unlawful hacking of the Customer Information System, which belongs to the Department of Work and Pensions which holds the personal records of 85 million people, have increased six-fold in a single year to more than two a week.






Poole Quay Monstrosity

Row over 'brutal and ugly' £100m Poole Quay plan

Looks more like an ugly industrial complex

Britain going to the Dogs under Bad Management












Click on graph to view hurricane Alex predicted path.


From the voice of a child comes truth, one might listen yet will mankind ever learn?

For through greed whole Empires have been lost, so do we wish to sacrifice the very Planet we live on for greed, is mankind that stupid?


BP were offered a 'No Fix No Fee' System to Halt Oil Spill.

Oil prices rise as fear storms could move into Gulf

How much oil is Gushing check it out?



In another dig at the BP disaster, the girl holds a 'Best Protection' suncream with the first letters of each word highlighted.





UK Gov's Push for high speed Broadband a technical Joke

BT's 100Mb broadband heading for 2.5 million homes







Is this where all your Money Went?







Full comment access click here









Computer in a plug 'SAVE' energy and space.

Fedup with high priced PCs.

SheevaPlug has a Marvell Kirkwood processor with a 1.2GHz Sheeva processor, 512MB of RAM and 512MB of flash storage; resembling a wall-wart, it plugs directly into a power socket and offers a single USB 2.0 port and a gigabit ethernet port.





MoD penpushers pocket £300m

Whilst troops go without full kit





Ssecret plan to flood Britain with immigrants

Jack Boot Nazi Labour Straw and Traitor Blair exposed

Mainly non white in BBC'S Selected audience








Metro News








Metro News



Speed cam revenue scam


Internet Eyes


Wall Street Journal



Click to read thread



One-off payment of £8,000, say Tories for home care

An excellent proposal from the Tories







Web Pro News






Don't call us for help about yob– hooligans says Police

Police and council ignore pleas for help mother and daughter commit suicide












How many people realise that when buying a Camcorder the chances of burning thier movies onto a CD or DVD that can be played on any DVD or CD player are almost nil?




Students get Windows 7 for $30

Agpcuk's statement on Win 7 carried by all shown media bodies





Evening Standard

The Tripoli Post

Important to note that Libya played a significant role in bringing peace and development in southern Philippines, and was instrumental to the conclusion of the 1976 Tripoli Agreement and in the 1996 Final Peace Agreement between Manila and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).







Click to read actual
Above is Browns profile by agpcuk


Noise pollution is becoming an ever-increasing problem in today's cramped housing conditions















You may download a copy of Easy Publisher here, and try your luck at beating the 82 year old lady's record of completing the publication in just 53 minutes.






The 'Promises and Pledges' act which is the foundation stone of our modern day conveyancing laws. Originally stated. " That any promise or pledge when witnessed by a third party must be upheld if brought to a Court of English Law".
Important note:

Government has an exemption from the Promises and Pledges Act granted by the Lord Chief Justice. This exemption from the Promises and Pledges Act was granted on the grounds that Government cannot guarantee that money from the private sector will be enough to cover the costs of all or any such Promises and Pledges. This only excuses the Government on matters relating to fiscal issues.


Read a directory of agpcuk's statements in the

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