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Views of the River Stour

and Stour Valley


Download AGPCUK publication with full list of details as to why this proposed fencing off and grazing should not go ahead.

Download AGPCUK publication with more facts revealed.

Revealed: Plans for 300,000 homes on green field sites.





































Stour Valley Walk in Winter












Stour Valley Walk

Mobile Homes on the Banks of the River Stour.
Views such as above, have been severely restricted by excess growth on the river banks in places, much like the reeds in the picture below, Thus believed by many to have attributed greatly to the flooding that has taken place in Christchurch.
Sample shot of badly silted up river stour

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Upper Stour Valley

The upper River Stour

Scenes are from within and around 'Grove Farm Meadow'Holiday Park.

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The main Iford Bridge over the River Stour.

Above is the new bridge over the river stour. This was purpose built, to link the old Iford Golf Course, with the new multi-million pound Golf Course and Club House which is on the Bournemouth side of the River Stour.

Above views from 'Bernard's Mead'

The huge meadow called 'Bernard's Mead' forms part of the beautiful Stour Valley. This land was left to the local residents as a gift by the' Cook Family'. To the right is one of the many lovely bungalows that back onto this common.


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 River Stour, Dorset

Banks of the River Stour by a creepy Copse.

Creepy Copse at Iford by the River Stour.

Very creepy copse.


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