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Convent Walk and Quay Christchurch Dorset


Below is a small selection of my photos taken in Christchurch Dorset, where I live. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed taking them.
Above is Ye old ' Town Bridge' over the River Avon.
Artist impression of 'Early Christchurch'.
Designed to commemorate important sites and people over the last millennium, the Blue Plaques scheme consists of a trail around the town centre with eighteen cast-aluminium blue plaques full of detailed information and backed up with an impressive and colourful leaflet covering many more sites on the trail: 44 in total, each depicted by a miniature watercolour drawing and with a large-scale map of the town with the early features marked. The entire trail will take you between two and three hours to cover; a leaflet is available from the Tourist Information Centre in the High Street and at the Red House Museum, priced 75p. (The illustration is by artist Brian Green, who has postcards of the image for sale in aid if the McMillan Cancer Fund.) Leaflet extract above is part of the explanatory leaflet to accompany the Blue Plaques Millennium Trail (Artwork by Eric Cockain)



Fishing on the River Avon
A brief history of Christchurch
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Here is where the Upper Mill Stream Meets the River Avon

Priory Gardens and the River Avon


People enjoying a lovely sunny day on the many benches along the beautiful Convent Walk. They are on the bank apposite the men fishing from the boat as seen above, on the River Avon.


A swan and some ducks waiting to be fed by people on the river bank.
The River Avon above is well known for its popularity amongst boating people from far and wide

Small bridge by The Constables house near the Mill Stream, along the side of the River Avon at Convent Walk. Small bridge near the Old Mill House over the Millstream,

This small waterfall aerates the waters of the Millstream, as the surplus water flows out into the River Avon.


Above is seen Constable's House. Now in ruins this Norman style house was allegedly, the living quarters of the residents of Christchurch Castle. It is quite unique, due the fact that it is one of only five Norman chimneys surviving in England. The building now finds itself in the grounds of Christchurch Bowling Green. Information on The Christchurch Millennium Project,maybe useful to those doing research.
A view of Christchurch bowling green, seen through the old archway from within the ruins of Constables House.

View of Christchurch Bowling Green and Club House, with the Christchurch Priory in the background.

Bowling Green and the Priory Church


Views from Christchurch Castle Link to Local Historical Society.
View from the Quayside shows the Priory Church showing just above a row of cottages.
Entrance to the Priory Church Christchurch


Above is one of the many beautiful properties along Christchurch Quay.



A young holiday couple are enjoying watching the many boats, whilst feeding a flock of swans from Christchurch Quay.

Old Christchurch Ferry Boat still taking tourist from Tuckton Tea Gardens, to Mudeford Sandbanks.


Boats on the River Stour at Christchurch.

Luxury Homes on the Banks of the River Stour at Tuckton Christchurch.

The Marina by the front of the Luxury Homes on the left.


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 Christchurch, Dorset


Above are two shots taken within seconds of one another Date 24-05-04 time approximately 11.50 am. An object can clearly be seen above the trees upper left. Is this a UFO or what, you must decide I only took the photos and was hesitant in placing them on this site. To view the raw pictures before insertion plus enlargements click here.


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